The world changes. Communication increasingly reaches the rhythms of these changes, often anticipating them. Today, the content passes through different channels and media; there is no longer exclusivity of the mass communication media.

Rota&Jorfida | Communication and PR is in charge of communications and public relations with an eye to the future: content, projects, and company histories are expressed through communication media, in continual evolution.

Public Relations

International press office with more than 25,000 editing contacts in 60 countries in the world

Rota&Jorfida | Communication and PR is an international public relations and press office specialized in communication in the world of design: drafting, architecture, food, music, art, and culture. The new paradigm establishes a dialogue between the protagonists involved in communication.
Meeting, exchange, and passing on ideas are vital.

International Press office

selection of target media; copywriting: press release, case study, business profiles; product lunches, monitoring publications

Media events

planning and organizing events and shows, round tables, press conferences, press date, media tour


social networking, planning and consulting content to publish on the internet, website copywriting, monitoring internet visibility

Strategic communication

Corporate image analysis, definition of market positioning planning projects to communicate


Katia Jorfida, graduate in Public Relations, has been in charge of business communications in the world of design since 2004. Food and plants are her other two passions. She would like to learn everything there is to know about music. She lives and works between Milan and Paris.

Cristina Rota, decided to become an architect at the age of six. Once she obtained her degree from the Milan Politecnico, she became involved in publishing for design and architecture. She has traveled around half the world, and has promised herself to see the other half.

Rota&Jorfida | Communication and PR | Italia

Via Fabio Filzi, 33
20124 Milano
T. +39 02 39 29 76 76 [email protected]

Rota&Jorfida | Communication and PR | France

36, Rue de la Roquette
75011 Paris
T. +33 6 20 22 09 23 [email protected]


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